Google Maps Real Estate Retires

By admin, May 29, 2011 7:11 pm

Google Maps Real Estate Retires

On January 26, 2011, Google Maps announced it was leaving the real estate listing game.

google Real Estate

Below is a picture of what you will no longer be able to access on Google Maps Real Estate:

Google Maps real estate retires

This is bad news for those that looked forward to a quick move to a one real estate search program under Google.  At the same time, Google Maps Real Estate engine may have required too much future investment.  It looks like Google just finally decided that it was better to work with the real estate listing business, rather to compete directly against it.  Either way, Google Maps Real Estate will be missed by all.

The announcement of Google Leaving the Real Estate Market caught many people by shock.  The below quote is an important piece of the Google Lat Long Blog release, but you are welcome to read the entire post at the link below:

 “In part due to low usage, the proliferation of excellent property-search tools on real estate websites, and the infrastructure challenge posed by the impending retirement of the Google Base API (used by listing providers to submit listings), we’ve decided to discontinue the real estate feature within Google Maps on February 10, 2011.”

Entire Post Here: Google Lat Long Blog

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